How the Travel Credit Cards Can Help You

Travel Credit Cards

One of the pleasures of life is traveling, and many people enjoy it to the fullest. And the financial instrument that every traveler needs is Travel Credit Cards.

It offers various insurance, travel assistance, and the possibility of making international purchases. In addition, many earn miles that will serve you for your next trips. There is a small difference between the cards that with your use help you travel (in the future) and the cards that when you travel, help you reduce costs.

To make the analysis simpler, here is a discussion about the benefits of both. Here are some of the best benefits that some Travel Credit Cards offer, which will help you compare them and identify what are the things that interest you most.

Points and Rewards Program: Almost all cards have some loyalty program, but there are some that give you more points than others or even when you buy abroad. It is a bit difficult to compare the benefits of loyalty programs because their points are not equivalent, but almost all of them give you an example to give you an idea, such as “32,000 points equals a national flight.”

Travel insurance: many cards include all kinds of “unnecessary” insurance, from shopping insurance to life insurance. But if your goal is to travel, look for TDCs that provide travel insurance, some give you extra protection when you buy abroad, they can pay you a flight in case of delay, or even pay you wool if the airline loses your luggage.

Travel discounts: there are several cards that are associations between banks and airlines, these TDCs offer discounts on flights within that same airline. This can be useful for those who travel often to a specific place, but check that the airline has the type of destinations that interest you and that the cost of the trip is within your budget.

Exchange rate: check well what type of exchange each plastic offers, as there are some TDCs that handle the dollar more expensive than in their own branches.

Promotions abroad: some cards have special promotions abroad, such as the possibility of paying for purchases made in other countries in the form of Months Without Interest or promotions that give a preferential price at the exchange rate.

Access to waiting rooms: some cards give you access to “VIP” or “lounge” waiting rooms at airports and other service areas. Some of them have restricted access, check the conditions.

What are the best credit cards to travel to?

In this list of best credit cards for travel, most options have the advantage that they are completely free, which makes them a perfect option for those who for economic or labor reasons cannot access a conventional card of a common bank.

What advantages do you have when traveling with a specific credit card for travelers?

Using a card designed for travelers allows you to use it without any commission and the change they apply is governed by the official changes of the Visa itself or the Mastercard itself. So in this way the online bank does not charge you commission and in most cases, the local bank does not either (it depends on the country, remember that maybe the local bank does charge you).

Recommendations to know how to choose your credit cards for the trip

Now that you know which credit cards are best valued, expert advice is that when choosing you take into account these factors:

Never charge a commission for extraction and in the event that the local bank charges you to be returned as much as possible.

Always apply for the official Visa or Mastercard change.

Other options to consider

If you decide not to use any of the platforms that have been raised, check the conditions of your own credit card, check out the advantages and disadvantages that they offer you.

Many times you do not know all the requirements that your card includes (it is common not to read the typical contract that is signed when the bank gives it to you). Based on the bank and the sort of card, you can have many of the advantages that online options offer you.

Remember that most are designed for a personal profile that cannot ordinarily access a credit card from your bank. In many cases, your own card includes you.

Another thing that you should also check and demand in your bank is that they take away any type of commission. If you are a customer whose domiciles, insurance policies, etc. are domiciled, you can demand that they be taken away during your trip (remember in your bank that you are a good customer).


Choosing the best credit card to travel with can help you solve many problems and inconveniences along the way, especially if it is a country where currency exchange rates are very high.