10 Challenges To Save Money From Your Daily Life

Save Money

Saving is essential if you want to get to the end of the month without worries. In times of crisis, we must think of everything we can avoid wasting. You have to challenge yourself every month concerning finance to save money. Everyone can start it whenever he wants.

Saving money to put aside even a small amount can often be a difficult task at times. We often have to make some small sacrifices to then have some benefits in the long run, even if the results will be evident only at the end of the month. Much depends on the budget that we have availed, but even if you have a very high income, you can put into practice simple solutions that will allow you to keep your money, to put aside your treasure. So let’s see how to change our habits and save in just 30 days.

For 30 days, prepare all meals at home

Cooking at home is much less expensive than eating at the restaurant or in the pub after the office every day. Above all those who live in large cities, have to spend a lump sum even for a salad or a bottle of water. You can begin to engage with this first challenge that helps you fight laziness, to be more flexible even in your daily ordeal.

For 30 days, do not buy branded items

The brand is not always synonymous with quality, yet many a time we let ourselves be deceived by advertising. If you are launching this challenge, you will realize that many brands are basically identical to the store’s trademark version and that you are only paying for advertising. Remember that this challenge involves groceries and household items too. To save money on these matters the deals are perfect now.

For 30 days do not use a credit card for purchases

Credit cards are a kind of double-edged sword. It makes purchasing more convenient; saves time, but many a time does not give us the estimate of how much money we are spending. With the cash in your wallet, you can actually see how much you spend and give more value to your purchases.

For 30 days do not turn on the TV

It might seem like a crazy idea since we’re talking about finances, but according to experts, the TV has something to do with it. In general, not watching TV prevents you from seeing all the advertising, but not only helps you to cultivate some other hobby, such as reading in the evening or going to sleep earlier, so as to rest better. All this improves the quality of your life.

For 30 days sell or get rid of an item from the closet

Is your wardrobe bursting? Are you really sure that you really need all those things? If the answer is no, think about everything you can sell. This will not only help you make room and tidy up, but it will also make you gain that little extra amount in your pocket.

For 30 days keep the thermostat five degrees colder than normal

This is a great challenge during the winter months, but it will certainly contribute to saving you a lot and being more sustainable towards the environment. You, of course, do not have to die of cold, but when you’re home, you can equip yourself better: putting heavier socks or an extra sweater. The same thing also works for the summer months.

For 30 days prepare coffee at home and take it with you in a thermos

This one is a very easy step to be taken, but if you think about it you will save at the end of the month. How many coffees do you drink at the office machine every day and how many others at the bar? You’ll notice the difference right away.

For 30 days do not buy useless items

For 30 days try not to buy anything you do not really need. Buy the food you need, and household items if you need them. This will save you money that you can use to pay back some bills.

For 30 days make a list of 10 gift ideas for a special person

This is an unusual challenge. The first thing that comes in mind with this idea is, making a list will not put your finances at risk. But surprisingly it will not as per the experts’ opinion because having a clear situation on all the gifts you have to buy for birthdays and other occasions, you can take advantage of the balances or why not, maybe make it by hand.

For 30 days, track every single penny you spend

Keep a small pocket notebook with you and every time you spend a penny, write it in your notebook for 30 full days. It should include absolutely everything. This will serve you not only to understand how much you spent in a month but if you have bought some frivolous and unnecessary things.


It is, therefore, possible to save money, just put in place winning strategies, also useful for those who earn little. Getting started can be difficult, but once you get used to saving, everything will be easier.