Smartest Options for Personal Finance

Personal Finance

Money plays an important role in our life. Managing your Personal finance is not always easy. It is sometimes necessary to borrow to buy a car or a house.

It also happens that we have to deal with difficult financial periods such as the loss of a job or unforeseen expenses. It is not always easy to save and save in such situations.

And when you have money aside, it’s important to put your money in, and if possible invest. We still need to know the best financial investments.


By offering guides, advice, and recommendations on borrowing, investing, saving and any other subject related to money, to help you better manage your personal finance.

Borrow at the best rate

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Borrowing money from a financial institution can be very useful when you have personal or even professional projects. Even if the credit generates fees, it is often interesting to borrow. Without the help of the bank, it would be impossible for us to carry out certain projects. Nevertheless, we recommend that you think carefully before borrowing.

This decision is not taken lightly because you will have to commit to repaying your loan over the months or years to come, along with interest charges.

It is also important to choose the financial institution where you want to borrow. It must be reliable and recognized in France but also offer a favorable APR (annual percentage rate, cost of credit).

The personal loan

The personal loan is a consumer credit without proof of use. You can borrow up to $ 75,000.

You can use the borrowed money as you wish. The repayment period of the personal loan is between a few months and a few years.

Fast credit

Fast credit is an express personal loan that you can get quickly online. The amount borrowed is generally low, between $ 50 and $ 1000, and the short repayment term.

The fast credit is granted very quickly to the borrower, in less than 24 hours if the amount is less than 200 $.

Auto credit

Auto Credit is a credit that provides you with a set amount of money to buy a new or used car.

The revolving credit

The revolving credit is a consumer credit that finances your purchases according to your needs. You have at your disposal a reserve of money which is renewed as and when it is used.

The revolving credit is usually associated with a credit card

The repurchase of credit

The credit redemption makes it possible to group your current loans in a single credit to benefit from lighter monthly payments.

The mortgage

The mortgage is a credit intended to cover all or part of your real estate purchase, a construction operation, or work on an existing property.

The professional loan

The professional loan is a credit for entrepreneurs and independent professionals (managers, micro-entrepreneurs, traders, freelancers, craftsmen, and associations).

It allows them to finance their professional needs such as the purchase of equipment, the purchase or construction of premises, a need for working capital.

Need to borrow?

Before borrowing, be sure to compare the market offers and choose your credit agency.

Thus, you will benefit from the best conditions and a loan really adapted to your needs.

Put your money and invest well

personal finances

If you have money aside, it is important to put it well.


Because by letting your money sleep on a checking account or on an A booklet, you lose money. In fact, your money today is worth more than your money tomorrow because money is losing value every day because of inflation.

If the rate of return on your investments is lower than the rate of inflation, you lose money without realizing it. We, therefore, recommend that you find savings booklets.

In addition, if you have savings aside that you do not need in the short or even medium-term, it may be interesting for you to invest.

By investing your money, you can create additional passive income. That is income that falls on your account with very little work on your side.

We recommend investing through crowdfunding or peer-to-peer platforms that invest small (or large) amounts of money without taking high risks.

You can also invest in the stock market with the help of a broker for example.

Put your money on a savings book

The savings booklet is the easiest and safest way to save your money. You also benefit from a remuneration each end of year according to the rate of interest and your saved amount.

Invest through crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding platforms allow you to invest your money in projects of small and medium French companies.

You help them to realize their projects and in return, companies pay you with a favorable rate of remuneration, up to 12% per year.

Invest through private lending platforms

Private lending platforms, very popular in the Baltic countries, in particular, allow you to invest in individual loans or various projects such as real estate. You help these people to realize their project, and in exchange, you receive a favorable rate of remuneration which can go up to 12% or more.

Invest in stock market

Investment in the stock market allows you to get better returns than traditional savings products but the risks are higher.

You must also train or use a broker. The return on investment can be very interesting if you decide to invest time and/or money.