The Essential Aspects of home insurance You Need to Know

Home insurance

Currently, a home is one of the most precious assets that can be had due to the large investment involved in its acquisition. And home insurance has become a must.

Most users resort to requesting a mortgage to be able to meet this expense, so it could be said that for more or fewer years, part of the house also corresponds to the financial entity. Since setbacks use to be the array of the day, being protected from any situation by hiring home insurance is the most logical option.

This type of home insurance policy not only protects against the investment that has been made but above all the value that the house has reached with all the goods that it houses inside and the structure that conforms to it. Let us not forget that the coverage of these insurances covers two fundamental concepts: the continent and the content.

Reasons to secure a home

The reasons why it is convenient to insure a home use to be multiple. Leaving a flowing tap and make your neighbor flood below, leaving for vacation, and discovering around the corner that thieves have robbed the house or that torrential rains cause damage of a certain severity, are just some of the accidents in which you can be involved a dwelling

Destruction of housing

What happens if an event like the explosion of the boiler or a fire causes serious kind of damage to a home? Who presumes the expenses of repairs as well as reconstructions? In the subject of broken homes that don’t have insurance, they must be the owners of those who face the damages.

Material damage

A poorly closed tap, a pipe in poor condition, or a surge in voltage used to be a few of the small accidents that might happen in a home and whose consequences can be of considerable gravity. Having a policy assures the insured that water or electrical damage, as well as breakage of glass or glass-ceramic plates, among others, will be corrected by the company with which it has been contracted (within the contracted coverage). On many occasions, the insurance would cover even aesthetic damage such as changing tiles or even tiles and furniture and refrigerated food.

Civil liability

A gas or water leakage can not only cause discomfort in the owner of the house in which it originated but can also cause damage to a third party, such as neighbors. In this case, the damages would enter into the civil liability coverage of the house, but it happens to be the owner who uses to have to be liable for them. This coverage usually also includes the payment of bonds, indemnities, and judicial costs.

Robbery and theft

Despite the fact that the latest Balance of Accident Crime prepared by the Ministry of Interior reflected a 10% decrease in claims for theft in home insurance, the truth is that this type of event is frequent, especially during periods of holidays.

Heist outside the home

What if the theft occurs outside the home? Many insurers include in their products special guarantees that cover stolen and/or stolen objects on public roads. Of course, the compensation is usually of a lower amount than when the theft takes place inside the home and does not usually reimburse the stolen cash.

Legal defense

One more coverage that use to include numerous home insurance happens to be a legal defense, which is very practical at definite times. You will be able to go for it to the claim of spoils before third parties, labor claims, criminal defense, or in proceedings in the cases of death.

Home insurance: protection for landlords

Home insurance can also be the best ally of those owners who put their flat for rent since they can include coverage that guarantees them the rent. It is usually an additional guarantee that consists in paying the owner of the dwelling the unpaid installments by his tenants and can reach a maximum of 12 monthly payments.

The amount of the premium, another reason

A priori one can mistakenly think that ensuring a good as valuable as a house must be very expensive, but it is not so. The amount of the premium, as in all insurances, depends, among other factors, on the type of house you want to protect, the coverage you want to include, and the value of the belongings you want to insure. However, the average premium of Home insurance is much lower than that of an Auto policy, although the good in question has a much higher price. Thus, the relationship between the cost of insurance and the risks it protects should be one of the main reasons for contracting home insurance.

Home insurance, a safe bet

Hiring home insurance has a large number of advantages, not only for owners who live in your home but also for those who have rented to a third party. These products can protect the content and the continent of the house and cover the civil responsibility of the house and its inhabitants.

And there are unforeseen events that are more common than at first it seems. To the electrical damages or those caused by the water, it is necessary to join many others such as those derived from a fire or a robbery.

Having amongst these policies hurts by no means, but before choosing one, you have to be sure that it is the one that best suits both you and your home. The best way not to fail and find the most appropriate is to compare home insurance on search engines.


Save your home as well as your loved ones against any damage or unforeseen with Home Insurance and enjoy one of the most complete coverages on the market. Acquiring a good policy is a practical and economical solution to protect your home.