Tips and tricks to save money at your wedding

Save Money on Wedding

Marriage, it can quickly climb side amounts, even completely empty the wallet. All this is to set a budget and try not to exceed it. But as and when orders and reservations, we realize that it is not obvious. So how to save money making this day the most beautiful of your life without depriving yourself is the question of many who are planning to get married soon. To save money this is an important step.

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s all about knowing your priorities and using your money wisely. You don’t need to break the bank to make your day memorable, though. We will discuss here ways you can save money on your wedding.

The dress and the outfits

A wedding dress is expensive. And if you really do not want to miss the princess outfit, there is a very simple way to get discounts. Some stores offer sales in this area. And as trends do not move too quickly, you can easily find just the thing you want. Some stores, for example, offers designer clothes that are declassified. For those who do not want to keep their dress as a souvenir, the rental is the right plan.

Get married on key dates and times

If you ever want to get married on a Saturday, know that the morning niche is often much cheaper at the town hall than the afternoon. Friday morning is free. And it’s completely trendy to get married on that day, especially since you’ll have low prices in most of your bookings. In autumn and winter, renting rooms and catering is often cheaper too and the atmosphere is different and very warm.

Reduce your guest list

While the wedding approaches you to start expanding the list of the people whom you wish to invite, it is generally one of the first reflexes. Do not worry, reducing it is not that complicated. The trick is to divide it into three groups: the suite of the bride and groom, the people you could not do without and then the others. In this third panel, sweeten those who are not indispensable to you, whom you barely know, and invite others only to the ceremony and the evening.

Announcements and thanks

If your budget is really tight, do not hesitate to send some e-mail announcements and print only those intended for family, relatives, and people who do not have access to the internet. There are lots of cool concepts in animation mode. If you have a little time it is possible to create and print them yourself and to take inspiration from free models available on the. To save stamps, hand in the cards when possible.

Gifts for guests

We love offering lots of nice little things to guests at the wedding is trendy. But beware; the concept can quickly push up the bill. Do not hesitate to surround yourself with an army of small hands with your witnesses or relatives to make cookies or other delicacies. As for the little souvenir to take home, take inspiration from your passions in common to make them. If you are going on vacation to before D-Day bring souvenirs in bulk and make small pockets of tissue to pack them. Certainly, this present will be much appreciated and less expensive.

Call on students

Some students are very talented. And they need to exercise. This is particularly the case with regard to aesthetics or photography. Do not hesitate to meet them and explain your plans. The same thing applies to the DJ. Some young people animate the turntables during their free time.

Opt for other meal plans

The first reflex is to compare the different formulas and the prices practiced by the caterers. Be careful not to rush on a room/meal/evening package. And if the meal at the table is tradition, why not innovate and make your wedding more original. Picnics or barbecue are popular. It’s very natural and without fuss. The best is therefore in the garden of a large. The buffet and the cocktail dinner are also popular. Everyone does it at their convenience and especially it facilitates contacts between guests and the bride and groom or between people, rather than staying confined to his table for a few hours. Another trendy formula is food trucks.

Decoration tips

For flowers, do not hesitate to go to wholesale markets dedicated mainly to professional sectors. On the internet, you’ll find lots of ideas and tutorials to help you make your choice. For the vase, ask your witnesses several months in advance to keep the glass jars often found in the diet. While strolling a few weekends on flea markets, you can also fall on small treasures at ridiculous costs. Do not forget to watch for specials and make sales, for example for candles. Make the most of your own hands, such as place cards possibly with corks, rosemary branches etc.

Sites to plan

If you are leading a hectic life between work, children, various activities, and you can think of appealing to a wedding planner to organize your wedding without any fuss. The concept works pretty well in the United States. It is often very expensive and compelling, while in organizing, you can plan a lot of things yourself. To help you not to scatter and harmonize the preparations, there are sites and applications made by professionals.


It’s an inconceivable concept for some people but then why stop a beautiful marriage because you don’t have enough funds. Instead of creating a list of gifts to offer, why not invite guests to participate in the expenses of the party? Everything is managed, from the harvest of different budgets to the organization of the wedding itself, you just need to have the proper planning for everything.